How to Choose Boat Flooring (Carpet vs Teak)

Keeping your boat neat and well maintained is important. And one of the things that you need to preserve is your boat flooring.

In this article, we’ll talk about how you should choose the boat flooring products that will perfectly fit your vessel’s needs.


Besides making your boat look good and stylish, boat flooring is also placed to protect your vessel. By using these boat floorings, you can easily prevent any expensive repairs and preserve the quality of your boat floor.

It’s important to choose the right type of boat flooring since it has various purposes and features. So, here are the best types of boat flooring that you can use on your vessel.


Vinyl Boat Flooring

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This type of boat flooring is popular for boaters. Though vinyl has plenty of variations and designs, most boaters use the industrial type looking just like what others use in their garages, while others prefer the teak boat flooring design.

One of the pros of this flooring is that they are slip resistant because it has two classic patterns; diamond and coin shape. These patterns prevent your boat floor from being slippery.

It’s also waterproof (rated for commercial-use) and are recommended to be placed in areas that are reachable by seawater. Vinyl flooring is also easy to install. You can cut them easily to fit your boat’s shape and if you want to install it permanently, you just need to use a pressure-sensitive adhesive to glue it down.

Rubber Boat Flooring

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Looking for durable and environmentally friendly boat flooring? Then a rubber flooring is ideal for you. Even though it’s not that stylish, you can make sure it’ll give you an outstanding slip-resistance performance.

It’s ideal for fishing boats since water is everywhere when you’ll be fishing all day. The only downside here is that they are not UV stable so expect that it will eventually be worn out. Furthermore, it can be hot when exposed to too much sunlight so better wear proper footwear. 

Wood Boat Flooring

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If you want to have a classic-looking boat, wood boat flooring is best for you! There are plenty of hardwood options that you can use but the ideal choice is oak wood because of its flexibility, durability, and strength.

Though this may require regular maintenance and proper care, it will give you a unique and classy ambiance. On the contrary, this type of boat flooring is not suitable for every corner of your vessel. Wood floorings are only ideal for boat cabins and interior floors since it can’t be exposed to water for a long period of time.

Another downside is, it can be slippery and quite expensive ($85-125/sq ft.) compared to other types of boat floorings.

Carpet Tiles Boat Flooring

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If you love to put some designs on your boat flooring, carpet tiles can help you with your desire. It’s easy to install and you can design your own pattern with the color that you want. This type of flooring will surely give your yacht or cabins a luxurious touch because of the style.

Though not the cheapest option, it’s very affordable (estimated $800 for a 16 ft. boat) and can be easily replaced from time to time. But using it for exterior flooring especially for fishing boats is a big no. This is because it absorbs seawater which causes it to stink.

Drainage Tiles Boat Flooring

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When it comes to this type of boat flooring, having a messy surrounding is not a problem at all. Drainage tiles boat flooring is very much recommended for people who are tired of cleaning their boats after a tiring day of catching fishes.

The drainage is quite impressive because it allows the water to flow underneath, so no slipping accidents could happen for this one. Another plus point is it’s very easy to clean. You can simply just use a hose and spray the tiles with water, and they’re good as new.

If you think that’s everything drainage tiles can offer, then you’re wrong. These boat floorings are:

  • Easier to install, all you need is a rubber mallet or if you’re strong enough, you can push them or stomp them to connect with each other.
  • UV stable and can protect your boat even on a long sunny day. 
  • The downside? Well, drainage tiles can be expensive but they are surely worth the price.


Each type of boat flooring has its own purpose, and it’s very important to choose the correct material because it protects your boat from harmful exposures. 

What type of boat flooring do you prefer? Share us your recommendations and comment below.

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