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Parasailing Vs. Windsurfing: Which Is Better?

Summer is just around the corner and water activities such as parasailing and windsurfing will be a hit attraction once again especially after a long case of cabin fever due to the pandemic but before jumping in the water, let us differentiate these two and help you decide which water activity should you take on post-pandemic.


People at the beach having a nice time parasailing

Parasailing is a water activity attaching a person to sky-high parachute-Esque canopy sail on the air possible by being pulled by a motorboat. Once on the parasail, you have no control over the direction of the wind will shift you and your parachute.

The boat dragging the sail along will have the most control over whether to shift you in a certain direction, slow down, or speed up more. It is a solo ride, but some operators offer a two people seat sailing at the same time which is the perfect concept for adventurous couples.


two people parasailing

Prior to parasailing, consent forms should be accomplished, and health conditions should be declared prior. Once on the motorboat, the operators will provide life vests and helmets for precaution and ensure the safety of lift-off and landing on water.

You will be secured on a seat attached to a parachute and then released to the air to savor the ocean view. At the end of the ride, the boat will slow down to allow descent and soft landing on the water where one will be picked up by the boat.


A person windsurfing

Windsurfing also referred to as “sailboarding” or “boardsailing” is a solo water sport wherein one stands on a board attached with a sail. Yes, balance comes into play when going windsurfing as necessary skills like being able to stand on the board and control the winds with the use of rigs are essential to make the most out of this water sport.

It is more complex than paragliding as it requires endurance to maneuver the sail and do tricks like jumps, tacks, and 360s. It can be challenging for a beginner, but practice pays off especially the excitement that comes with being able to glide on water and dance with the wind.


A group of people windsurfing

Safety protocols are wearing windsurfing clothing or suit to prevent discomfort and injuries. Gears such as helmets, rescue coats and shoes might not be provided as there is not operator for this and it is common to bring your own safety gears or if a beginner, a rental might be available. These will help in preventive measures in case of falling off the board.


If there is one thing in common for these water activities, that is letting go. Both do not give control to the person wherever the direction their board or sails go. The spontaneity of the wind allows them to fly up in the air or glide above the water in whatever direction they may be taken.

Whichever you prefer over the two, just know that we humans need to just let go sometimes as we will never know if the winds will be taking us somewhere more beautiful than where we already are.

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