Top Boating Influencers You Should Follow

Do you love boating? Do you always have free time to scroll through your smartphones? If your answer is yes, then we have something for you.

Thanks to technology, people can now easily post their thoughts on social media. With just one click, you can upload photos, videos, or blog posts on your social media profiles.

“Influencers” are the new term used for people who are willing to share their thoughts and their (daily) lives with the public. Most of them are using Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram as a platform to gain followers which can be also profitable.

And in today’s article, we’ll be discussing the top boating influencers that you should follow to be updated in the current boating world.

What It Means to be a Boating Influencer

Boating influencers are those who easily sway other people to try out fun water activities or new marine gear based on their own set of interests because they’ve done so and because other people can relate to them.

What Are the Qualities of a Good Influencer?

Influencers are followed by others not because they think they’re simply cool but because they somehow see themselves in them. This is because they’re usually a reflection of them and what they believe in. Just remember, in attracting the right people with the right attention, below are some qualities that make a good influencer:

  • Authentic – or original in simple terms. Real influencers know how to make a topic interesting even if it sounds common at times. In fact, they test new program apps to make their content fresh, lively, and informative.
  • Relevant – means real influencers connect with their audience. This way, their audience can relate to what they’re going through and normally appeals or speaks with them in a situational manner.
  • Responsive – means they speak with their customers. Even if they can’t always answer your questions, they still find time to accommodate some of them. This shows they care for you and appreciate your feedback. 
  • Consistent – means they are trying to get the same message across no matter how many topics they discuss. For example, if they’re into fitness, they’ll be covering topics on proper eating habits and not on how to be responsible tax payers.

Do Influencers Get Paid?

Yes, they do. While the amount of money they earn is determined by many factors including a reasonable number of followers,  a typical influencer gets about $30,000-$100,000 on a yearly basis with the help of product promotion. But if they’re down for some sponsored posts, that can be worth $50-$50,000

Mitch Summers

Mitch Summers is an American storyteller/adventurer vlogger and has a total of 334,000 followers on Facebook and over 61,500 on Instagram.

He is known for creating videos with appealing stories to his followers. Well, you can’t blame them, his contents have extraordinary topics that will definitely catch your attention.

Some of his topics include watersports, “most dangerous” sea hotel, cruise boats, and unique vessels like Arkup House Yacht. Most of his videos gain 100,000 viewers which is a huge success in the vlogging industry.

Instagram: @mitch__summers

Facebook: Mitch Summers

Youtube: Mitch Summers

Zia Suarez

Zia Suarez is a Spanish/South African social influencer that focuses on exploring remote locations via charter boat. She is also funned of surfing, diving, and loves to share her yachting experience through photos and videos that are uploaded on her social media accounts.

She features different vessels on her content and is a proud environmental advocate. Zia influences her followers by posting videos and images about sea forest and beach restoration, fishery management, plastic and trash cleanup efforts, and water quality research.

With her effort, she was offered to work with 4Ocean, Boat Trader, and YachtWorld. As of now, 125,000 followers on Instagram and has a business that sells presets.

Instagram: zia_suarez


Sailing La Vagabonde

An Australian couple with the dream of exploring the globe by using a sailboat but initially, they have no clue how to sail. Yes, the couple behind Sailing La Vagabonde had gained followers through this concept.

They have sailed over 90,000nm each across many oceans and reached 1.57 million followers on their Youtube channel.  Elayna Carausu and her partner Riley Whitelum have been living on a boat for almost 7 years, their content simply focuses on ocean awareness, life on their sailboat, and of course their baby Lenny Whitelum.

Yes, a family who planned to sail the world. They started last 2014 and as of now, they have a total of 302,944,301 views on their channel, and 181k followers on their Facebook page.

Facebook: Sailing La Vagabonde

Youtube: Sailing La Vagabonde

BlacktipH/Josh Jorgensen

BlacktipH is known for its exciting fishing videos on the web. Its host Josh Jorgensen is an angler who always seeks the opportunity to catch a monster fish.

He is also known to push the limit of big game fishing whether he’s on the beach, in a boat, or even on a kayak. His videos will surely give you adrenaline since most of his contents are life or death scenarios and risk-takers.

BlacktipH video contents are more likely considered as a reality show since they film unscripted and at-the-moment situations. Their contents are also featured on National Geographic and Discovery channel.

As of now, they have 3.19 million subscribers and a total of 774,804,730 views on their Youtube channel, and 575k followers on Instagram.


Youtube: BlacktipH

Sailing Project Atticus

The couple Desiree and Jordan have spent three years fixing their 30 ft. sailboat named “Atticus” and now that it’s safe to sail, the couple aims to travel around the world with a tight budget.

Desiree and Jordan want to prove that people don’t need a lot of money to follow their dreams but it does need a lot of hard work. And that’s what their video contents are all about. They’ve been exploring the Caribbean for almost 5 years now and uploaded lots of videos on their social media.

They currently have 217k subscribers and 35,620,108 views on their Youtube channel. And is continuously gaining followers on their Instagram that has 20.1k followers.

Youtube: Sailing Project Atticus

Instagram: @sailingatticus


Influencers have become the new celebrities for the younger generation. If you’re planning to enter this industry make sure to use your platform well and try to convince your viewers positively and responsibly. Do you agree with our list? Share your thoughts and comment below.

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