Top 5 Space-saving Ideas for Small Powerboats 20′ and Under

Is it possible to declutter even if your boat is small?

Yes, it is. One way to do it is by getting rid of excess items out of your path.

In this article, we’ll talk about that and more as we give you tips on how to properly maximize boat space with the help of some useful items.


boat floor storage locker
Photo Credit: CO-Z

If you’re used to letting your smartphones and extra cash just laying around, then it’s time you put them somewhere safe. This is because you’ll never know when there’ll be prying eyes just waiting for the right time to snoop and steal your valuables. A great way to keep your valuables out of sight is by getting boat floor storage lockers.

What makes boat floor storage lockers important?

As the name itself suggests, these are installed on your boat floors and eliminate the need for buying additional drawers or cabinets. However, they require you to drill a portion of your boat floor where the lid or cover will be mounted. Depending on the type of locker that you need, some only have the lids and hinges, but others come with tubs that serve as main containers of your valuables. Boat floor storage lockers are customizable based on preference but their usual sizes are:

  • 14×17 inches
  • 10×14 inches


hoffen fishing rod holder
Photo Credit: Hoffen

Leaving your fishing rods to simply stand on the wall can be tempting but they can easily sway and bump into one another causing them to eventually fall to the ground. To make sure they stay where they are, putting them on fishing rod holders is what you need.

The fishing rod holders can be easily mounted on the wall of your boat (via a few pieces of screws) where they’ll serve as clips of your fishing rods. However, in small powerboats with very little to no walls at all, boaters choose a certain type of rod holder that’s flush mounted, where you put a socket on the upper part of the deck and insert the fishing rod in it. Such a type has 3 common sizes:

  • 1-5/8 and 1-7/8 inches (inside diameters)
  • 2 or 2-1/4 inches (outside diameter)


collapsible containers

The thing is, boat galleys are naturally small because they’re meant for on-the-go cooking and eating. Therefore, you can’t fit almost all kitchen utensils in it like what you do at home. This is where the purpose of collapsible containers come in.

Are collapsible containers good?

They have various shapes from square to oval to help you put additional kitchen tools that you can’t otherwise put in your boat’s galley. Unlike the regular containers, what you’ll love most about collapsible containers is you can just fold them flat when you don’t have to use them. But when you put spoons, forks, etc., they reach a max size and are properly sealed so the contents won’t spill out.

Normally, they’re available in an assortment of colors with sizes:

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • Extra-large


shower caddy portable

Whether you’re out for a swim or just needed a few minutes to freshen up, your toiletries should always be accessible but not in a manner that can trip you any time of the day. Since small powerboats often don’t have a head or bathroom, it’s recommended that you get portable shower caddies.

These are like baskets that are meant to keep your shampoos, facial wash, moisturizers, etc., in one place. College students often use them but boaters can do the same. This is because you can hang them with the help of pipes and hooks. Some of them are designed in a way to get rid of water build ups to avoid corrosion.


aisung magazine rack
Photo Credit: Aisung

Even though playing mobile games or reading e-books are in today, there are still people who adore the traditional way of reading hard copies of books and magazines. So, instead of just leaving a good read on your seat or bed, you can just use the usual magazine racks to keep your books and other files in an orderly fashion. Believe it or not, you can also use them as plate or utensil holders if you don’t have one meant for the kitchenware.

Although you need to strap them to a fixed, solid object on your powerboat so they don’t shake or tip over when the waves get playful.


Boat storage is very limited on small power boats. That’s why, you need to learn how to maximize the given space while still leaving adequate room for additional essentials along the way. The idea here is to build a place for everything and everything in its place, that’s both simple and practical. If you have more space-saving tips, just comment below.

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