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Top 5 Outdoor Water Activities for Kids

Boating is a fun way to bond with your family and friends. And for parents who are wondering what activities are suitable for their young ones, this article will give you fun water activity ideas for your kids. 

Stand up Paddleboarding

For starters, this water sport activity is very easy. It’s advisable for all ages and you can be an instant expert in a few hours with proper instructions.

Stand up paddleboarding (SUP) also gives you and your kids a full-body workout since you’ll be standing at full height on your board. Besides this, it helps you appreciate the breathtaking view of the sea. 

Now, before getting your feet wet, make sure that your kids are all geared up for the activity. Wearing a life vest is important and should be a perfect fit for your kids, you may also teach them some basic techniques like keeping their arms straight while paddling and gently twist their torso so the blade will follow the direction of their body.


Canoeing is a 2-in-1 activity that includes exercise and exploration. It’s a great way to have quality time with your kids since it can be done in pairs and you can also go from one destination to another.

Again, a life vest is a must! If you’re planning to go to different destinations, prepare a waterproof bag with all the accessories that you need like; ropes, maps, medical kit, toilet paper, etc. You can also bring some binoculars and fishing rods for you to play with your kids.

Another thing to keep in mind is to wear proper clothes like rain gear or sun-protective clothing and extra clothes for your kids, in case they get wet.

Pedal Boating

If you want a more relaxing water activity and you’re not into paddling, then you could go for its counterpart! Pedal boating is all about leg exercise and is considered a healthy workout for all ages.

Normally, pedal boats can accommodate 2-4 persons and all of them should pedal together so the paddle wheel of the boat can also move. Take note, that this is a human-powered vessel so make sure that you are physically ready for this.

You might also want to consider not going too far from shore since kids can get tired easily. Remember, make it a fun activity for them to enjoy it.


Is kayaking safe for kids? With the right gear and skill, the answer is a solid yes.

Kayaking is a safe water activity for your young ones but there are specific accessories and gear for them. For example, for kids who are 9-13 years old, using a small kayak is recommended while 14 years old and above can use a medium kayak. However, children under 8 years old must be accompanied by an adult.

Before the activity, adults should familiarize themselves with the place and should purchase the proper life vests for everyone. It’s better if you have great swimming ability and have an average skill with paddling.

Fishing Expedition

Last but definitely not the least is the fishing activity. This water activity fits parents who love to fish.

We all know this activity requires a lot of skills but explaining and showing your child how it works can help them gain more knowledge. Of course, you wouldn’t expect them to learn instantly so it’s okay to assist them or they could assist you while you fish.

Just make sure everyone is wearing proper clothes and life vests. You can also buy a fishing rod for kids for a firsthand experience, and before you forget, make sure you have your camera so you can document their first catch!

Water Activity Safety Tips for Kids

Every activity mentioned above requires safety measurements. Before you hop onto your boat, make sure that:

  • Everyone is physically and mentally ready for the activity.
  • You’ve picked the right size and type of life vests that are U.S. Coast Guard-approved.
  • You’ve packed all the necessary stuff like; emergency/medical kits, maps, clothes, food, gadgets, etc., in a waterproof bag, to keep them safe and dry.
  • Make an itinerary and plan an exciting route for the trip.
  • Give a brief safety talk with your kids – what to do when they fell in the water, how to ask or signal for help if they’re having trouble, etc.


Children love water activities. For them, it’s a great opportunity to spend time with their family and enjoy their youth. These kinds of activities may look easy-peasy but they require great planning and execution to make sure that everyone is safe and happy.

Don’t hesitate to comment below about your preferred outdoor water activity

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