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The Best Water Sports Equipment

Looking for new outdoor activities to try with your family and friends? Why not try these best water sports equipment to add excitement to your water sports activities?

In this article, we’ve listed water sports equipment that will step up your game and make you experience extreme water sports like never before.



Kneeboarding is an extremely fun water sport that is similar to wakeboarding. The difference between them is that they use a different type of board (Trick boards, Slalom boards, Rocker, etc.) and the person on it is in kneeling position.

The kneeboards are composed of a padded deck that is shaped for the shin and knees. They also have straps that keep the rider to the board. It’s easy to use and very much recommended for beginners when it comes to boat-towed sports.

Towable Tubes

This water sport equipment is for people who love to have companions during recreational activities. Towable tubes can accommodate 2-4 persons and are considered as an age-friendly water sport.

There are different types and styles of towable tubes. When it comes to sizes, there are two-person tubes, one-adult-and-two-kid tubes, and the four-person tubes. You can also choose the design that determines your position – sitting, laying, or standing.

If you’ll have children on board, make sure that they wear their life jackets and should be supervised by an adult. Expect that towable tubes can flip since it’s part of the fun, so be cautious and vigilant.

Electric Surfboards

A modern type of surfboarding but more extreme! Electric surfboards are designed to glide in speed without the need of waves or wind. The board is battery dependent and can be activated by pressing the trigger that’s attached to the board.

Since it’s considered as an extreme water sport, riders should wear proper safety gear all the time. Moreover, make sure that you have a healthy and strong body before giving these boards a go.


If you’re an adrenaline junkie, then the flyboards will give you the satisfaction. The flyboards are used for hydro flying, a kind of water sport that’ll literally make you fly.

Yes, you read that right. So how does hydro flying work? The rider stands on the flyboards that are connected to a long hose and to the watercraft. Once the rider is positioned, water pressure will be forced underneath the board that will provide a thrust for the rider to elevate up to 72 ft in the air.

Again, make sure that your body is ready before trying this water sport.

Paddles and Oars

Paddles or oars are one of the best equipment that you should invest in when it comes to water sports. Though they may look all the same, they have different kinds and can be used in various ways. Here are some examples:

  • Double-bladed Canoe Paddles
  • Recreational Canoe Paddles
  • Bent-shaft Canoe Paddles
  • Freestyle Canoe Paddles
  • Whitewater Canoe Paddles

Now, if you’re wondering what’s the difference between paddles and oars, the answer is simple. Oars are used exclusively for rowing and have flat blades at one end.


All these fun activities will surely give you a rush of excitement. But before things get out of hand, always remember to use the water sports equipment that’s intended for your chosen water activity, for your safety. 

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