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How to Pick a Paddleboard

Did you know that water activities can give you lots of health benefits? In fact, these water activities can reduce the risk for diabetes, chronic heart disease, and can improve bone density.

In this article, we’ll focus on one of the famous water activities for all ages called stand-up paddleboarding. What benefits can you gain with this water sport? Let’s find out!

What is Paddleboarding?

People paddleboarding

To start paddleboarding activities, the person on the paddleboard should propel by using their hands (on a swimming motion) while kneeling or lying. The person onboard also has an option to stand up and use a paddle to propel in the ocean – this is called stand-up paddleboarding.

SUP or stand-up paddleboarding is similar to kayaking and surfing but unlike surfing, you don’t need waves in paddleboarding. It’s also recommended for beginners to paddleboard on calm and flat water.

The best benefit of stand-up paddleboarding is that it can help you get physically and mentally healthy since you do a lot of activities while on the paddleboard like yoga, fishing, and touring.

What are the types of Paddleboards?

Mab fishing on a paddle board


Obviously, flatwater paddleboards are used in flat water and for long-distance activities. These boards are longer and narrower than normal boards. It’s also faster and stabled to accommodate extra equipment.


This type of paddleboard is used for racing and touring around the ocean. Its long, narrow shape makes it easier to paddle faster in a straight line. But take note that touring paddleboards are for skilled paddlers and are not recommended for beginners since they’re hard to steer and can be unstable because of their length. 


Fishing paddleboards can help you with your exercise activities and can improve your casting. These boards are stabled and have extra spaces where you can store your fishing gear.

Some fishing paddleboards have rod storage and built-in storage that’s good for fishing. 


Surf paddleboards made for beach surfers. This type of board has different sizes and lengths, usually, they are egg-shaped compared to other paddleboards. Though beginners can use this type of paddleboard, it’s recommended to choose a surf paddleboard with a long end and to be accompanied by someone who is skilled.


Inflatable paddleboards are also a great option for beginners, travelers, and for people who don’t have any extra storage at home. Since it’s inflatable you can simply pump air whenever you need them and deflate after using them.

Generally, inflatable paddle boards are less expensive compared to standard paddleboards. So if you’re just practicing and enhancing your skills, then this is a great option.

How to Choose a Paddleboard?

Teens on the beach holding paddleboards

There are plenty of paddleboards to choose from – different shapes, weights, sizes, and designs – but how will you choose the best paddleboard that will suit your needs?

If you’re a beginner, your paddleboard should be 30 inches wider or more for you to balance yourself easier. You also have the option to choose a light board or soft-top board:

  • Light boards – are more durable and are carbon vacuum-bagged.
  • Soft-top boards – are heavier, durable but less expensive compare to other boards.

If you’re a beginner, making sure that you buy a paddleboard that’s compatible with your weight. Here’s a guide for beginner paddlers:

Paddler’s WeightSUP Width – ThicknessSUP Length
Under 56 kg31-32” – 5”9’7” – 10’9”
57 – 68 kg31-32” – 5”9’7” – 10’9
69 – 79 kg31-33” – 5”10’0″ – 12’6″
80 – 90 kg32-34” – 5-6”10’0″ – 12’6″
91 – 102 kg32-34” – 5-6”10’0″ – 12’6″
103 kgs +32-34” – 6”10’0″ – 12’6″

Are Inflatable Paddle Boards Safe?

Man paddleboarding on the ocean

Yes, inflatable paddleboards are safe especially if you maintain them properly. Make sure that they are not damaged and are filled with air properly before using.

In case that you bump into a rock while paddling, you can still paddle safely on the shore and repair them. 

What Paddle Boards are Recommended for Kids?

a little girl paddleboarding

If you want your child to experience paddleboarding, you can purchase a paddleboard that will suit them. Kids less than 5 years old can sit on your paddleboard with you as long as they wear their life jackets. 

While 5 years old and older can practice paddleboarding using a small paddleboard that typically ranges between 7-9 feet long and 28-30” wide.


Paddleboarding is a great way to relax and enjoy at the same time but even though it looks like an effortless activity, always check your equipment and follow safety protocols before getting onboard.

Do you have any paddleboarding experience? Share us your best adventure and comment below!

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